Branding is your way of connecting visually with your audience. It is imperative you create a brand that is unique to you and shows that you value yourself. Having an intentional brand that stands out builds trust and loyalty, which is vital to growth. Don’t just take our word for it, check out this article from Forbes by clicking here. Green Pajamas is proud to offer branding solutions that reflect you perfectly and here is my favorite part: we do everything in house! Check out a few of the things we offer and let’s talk about it over a free beer!

[featurebox icon=”fa fa-heart” title=”Logos”]Connect with us to get a free consultation on the importance of a good logo. Gone are the days of the generic logo. Colors and type play a big role in your brand. We take the time to learn about your company and create a logo that promotes your brand and looks amazing! Our team is ready to work for you![/featurebox]
[featurebox icon=”fa fa-wordpress” title=”Web Design”]We spend time learning about your company and then work together to build your site to reach your optimal audience. We do everything from offer support and consultation to full-service design. Let us help you relax and focus on what you do best![/featurebox]
[featurebox icon=”fa fa-refresh” title=”Re-Branding”]Maybe you need a fresh look. Has that logo been around for a long time? Does it look like something from the ’90’s? Let us take a look and freshen up your logo/brand to make it feel like it belongs in the 21st Century and beyond![/featurebox]
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