With New Facebook Algorithms, Should You Advertise On Pinterest?

Statista.com just recently published an article showing research from the last couple of years on where websites are getting the most social media clicks from. The four platforms it chose to use are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Check out the infographic:

Pinterest Advertising

Facebook is still king, but Pinterest is gaining ground.

Obviously when we look at the chart we see that Facebook is still the top dog. But what I find intriguing is how quick Facebook is losing its foothold on its audience. That immediately makes me ask: what is happening at Facebook? According to Statista, Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, announced changes to the way our Facebook news feeds will work going forward, thanks to all the misinformation or “fake news” on social media. This will allow you to see more things from friends and family and other interactions that are more “meaningful” on Facebook.

While this is great news to those of us who just want to connect with others, it scares shareholders and investors due to the fact people will be seeing less advertising and website links. Less clicks equals less revenue for Facebook. So that begs the question:

Who steps in to fill the void for Facebook?

When we look at the chart we clearly see the significant drop off, so this is a great opportunity for someone. And it looks like this someone could be Pinterest. Pinterest is a great tool for businesses. With great images that feature everything from newborns to memes to toasters, everyone is pinning these days…and that is great for you!

With Pinterest Business you can promote your site, your blog, your whatever and now your customers can find you even easier. Thanks to a growing audience, your brand recognition can be through the roof if you plan your campaigns accordingly.

So, should you advertise on Pinterest? The answer is an emphatic YES!

Like Pinterest says, “Reach people early. Inspire them to act.”

If you are unsure or would like to know more about how to advertise on Pinterest, let us help you with that! Just send us a quick email by clicking here and we would love to buy you a coffee and share how we can help you grow your audience on Pinterest!