Website design is vital in expressing your vision and mission with your audience. If your message isn’t clear, odds are you will lose your audience before they even have a chance to learn who you are. This is where we come in. We love to enjoy developing a relationship with you to understand your vision and mission and use that information to build your site to optimize that message. We realize at Green Pajamas that WordPress is the #1 leader in Content Management System and that is why we focus most of our attention with that platform. So, if you need amazing support or someone to help, let’s chat. Here is my favorite part: we do everything in house! Check out a few of the things we offer and let’s talk about it over a free beer!

[featurebox icon=”fa fa-wordpress” title=”Web Design”]We spend time learning about your company and then work together to build your site to reach your optimal audience. We do everything from offer support and consultation to full-service design. Let us help you relax and focus on what you do best![/featurebox]
[featurebox icon=”fa fa-plug” title=”Plug-Ins”]Plug-ins are vital to get the most out of your website. We share which plug-ins we have found to be the most useful and help achieve all the function you need to for your site.[/featurebox]
[featurebox icon=”fa fa-shield” title=”Security”]One of our biggest assets is security. When handling other people’s information, it is of utmost importance to protect them and all the information you collect. We take care of that for you. We guarantee to make sure your site is the most secure it can be to protect you and your customers![/featurebox]
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